We are Rebel Root.

We are the experimental cider brand. We express ourselves through what we love, cider! We want to make something different to the mass produced cider And to make a difference along the way.

It’s time to rebel.

It’s time to work outside of restrictions, discover new ideas and bring them home. At Rebel Root, we are making small batches of surprising and distinctive ciders, with an aim to create top-drawer drinks, from design, to the glass, for you!

Push your boundaries, press your own buttons and reach for the unexplored. Embrace the Rebel inside us all and be you from the Root up.


Hope in cider


That alluring floral sweetness and citrus APA undertone you receive from the cascade hops we use for this one is a serious combination with our finest cider base. Cookers and eaters give it a crisp, low tannin, cider fuelled finish, offering you a nice firm kick in the legs rather than to the head.

Hope in cider is a beauty to session on it’s own, or over ice

4% ABV

Sold in: 30L Keg (fizzed) | 20L BiB (still) | 5L BiB (still)
[Bottles (330ml)] coming soon


Hope in cider is the belief that one day there maybe a fair taxation on cider rather than the one in place now. The way cider is taxed suppresses any industry growth from smaller producers. We wanted to make a cider that tried to raise awareness around this issue and help people who like cider understand the difficulties of the growth from us little guys.

Eventually we will be making a petition to try and change this unfair system. Hopefully one day it be more aligned to the beer taxation system.

Bloody Winter

Blend of apple cider, fresh Florida orange, a fiery ginger hit, lemon, caramel and spices makes Bloody Winter your new favourite winter warmer, served hot or cold. A little tip; heat with cinnamon sticks and star anise. We've done the hard work for you and pre spiced it.

4% ABV

Sold in: 20L BiB (still) | 5L BiB (still)


This isn't a new topic by any means. Climate change. Bloody Winter is our ode to this topic and to show that we haven't forgotten. Our worry is that it has been talked about so much, that it has become background noise! We hope not! It is still in the forefront of our minds and we want to show our support.

Both of these products are sold in Bag & Box 5L/20L. Hope in Cider is also sold in 30L Kegs, fizzed!

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